Braintree Home & Microsoft 365 Family

As Vin Diesel will readily tell you, family is everything.

As Vin Diesel will readily tell you, family is everything.

You well-and-truly can’t put a price on it. After all, isn’t life all about spending time with loved ones, enjoying good moments and making memories? You see, for us, family isn’t just defined as the people you’re related to. It could refer to your friends, your pets, or even your colleagues. However, if you’re like us, once you’re considered family, we may as well be related – because life is all about special bonds with great people.

Ultimately, as far as we’re concerned, family is the greatest F-word we can think of. With that in mind, let’s talk Microsoft 365 Family…

First off, the technical stuff. M365 Family is essentially a single convenient subscription for up to 6 people (which is why it usually works better in a household). Each user can benefit from a selection of Premium Office apps (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more), up to 6TB of Cloud Storage (which means easy access and remote backups) divided into 1TB per person, and, of course, advanced security for all devices. The main difference between this and M365 Personal? As the name suggests, this package is all-encompassing for the entire squad, meaning more than one user can enjoy the same benefits that you do.

With the software, you and your crew can do the following:

  • Access smart assistance features, plus hundreds of premium templates, photos, icons, and fonts in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Save and share files and photos across devices with OneDrive
  • Experience advanced security protection in OneDrive and Outlook
  • Set location alerts in the Microsoft Family Safety mobile app*
  • Each person can use the subscription on up to 5 devices at the same time
  • Contact support via chat or phone at no extra cost throughout your subscription

You’re probably wondering why you, as a parent, would want your young or adolescent kids to access the same resources online as you do – there are dangers out there, after all. Well, stress not, because the Microsoft Family Safety App allows you to reimagine and redefine the family experience, in doing so assisting you with creating a safer online space. Now, you can work or play together while still staying connected, yet rest assured those kids are in the safest of hands.


Here’s what you’re getting:

  • Screen time limits: this allows you to set limits and never look back, as you effortlessly moderate the amount of time your little ones spend on their devices, apps, and games respectively.
  • Content filtration: this will ensure that your kids are only viewing age-appropriate content or games online.
  • Activity reports: herein, you can track your family’s online activity across all apps, games, and devices.
  • And, of course, find your family, which we’ll unpack in greater detail below…

These advanced safety features are systemically designed to protect your loved ones with a wealth of digital and physical applications which allow for safer online use and peace of mind. The result? An empowered environment wherein you and your loved ones can create healthy habits while enjoying complete protection, both digitally and in person. The best part? Even when you’re offline (or apart), you can enable family location sharing and tracking to make 100% certain that nobody you know is ever in harms way. This feature allows for sharing of locations, map spotting, saving places they visit most and setting up alerts to notify you of anything worth, well, notifying you about.

Whether it’s working together or browsing safer, the benefits attributed with M365 Family are immense, and at times immeasurable. Enjoy peace-of-mind on the go while bringing the family together. You can finish homework as a unit, enjoy some much-deserved downtime via kid-friendly content or gather ideas in one place and keep track of events/milestones. One thing’s for certain, however, in that you’ll never miss another moment…

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