The Right System Can Get Any Distribution Business To World Class Status

A successful Sales, Distribution and Delivery system can make or break an organisation.

Any wholesaler or retailer understands the importance of the business supply chain. 


Essentially the framework from which your entire operation is built, a successful Sales, Distribution and Delivery system can make or break an organisation. In fact, if your business is centred around the trading of physical goods, ensuring that customers receive their orders on time should be priority number one.

If you’re in the industry, you’ll understand that each player in the supply chain process has a fundamental role in overall product distribution – the loss or negation of one component usually has a knock-on effect on the rest. Naturally, due to the fragility of said process, a well-thought strategy is imperative – as is supplementing this process with the best solutions possible.

In fact, successful companies have actually managed to turn their management system into a competitive advantage – using their efficiency, reliability and speed as unique selling points. This speaks volumes as to the importance of a correctly functioning supply chain process.

We know, you may be thinking “my small business has neither the budget, nor the resources, to run a supply chain like the big guns”. However, we’re here to tell you that you may actually be wrong, as with Mobilise ODS by Braintree, your organisation can access tomorrow’s technology today, for a lot less than you think.


First off, what is Mobilise ODS?

An end-to-end solution in Dynamics 365 Busines Central, powered by Azure and hosted either in the Cloud or as a Hybrid Solution, ODS eliminates the need for middleware, syncing with your ERP system to reproduce Data.

We know, that may sound like a lot of tech talk, but it’s actually a practical and useful tool designed to help your business improve sales, distribution and delivery related operations. Essentially, ODS enables you to automate your Operations, Distribution and Sales activities even in the most remote locations. Better yet, it allows you to consolidate your business processes across channels, industries and regions. Report on figures according to district, track actual sales vs targets, view the performance for each individual vehicle, consolidate your invoices, track drivers and streamline your overall supply chain functions – you can do as much as you like, whenever you like.

ODS takes everything you need to know about your various moving parts and puts them in a simplified, easy-to-use place for your convenience. It amalgamates everything from sales to individual driver schedules, enabling the end user to enjoy full transparency and management to their hearts content.

Okay, this sounds great in theory, but which areas will this help me? We’re glad you asked.


  1. Cost-Efficiency:

By running fewer systems, you’ll also have fewer integrations and, by default, fewer costs. You can eliminate the set-up and maintenance fees of your multiple overlapping platforms as a result of consolidated software and, by leveraging off the on-premise/in Cloud aspect, you can also expect reduced long-term expenditure.


  1. Offline Mode:

With teams and drivers on the road, accessing reliable Internet/Wi-Fi can sometimes be tricky. ODS negates this, as your mobile operations can continue their sales even without connectivity. The Data and processes will function as usual and, once a connection is re-established, this Data will be synced accordingly.


  1. Inventory Visibility:

Maintain full inventory visibility on your device. Be it stock availability per location, stock reservations or item transfers, you can enjoy full transparency at any given time, place or situation.


  1. Flexible Payment Options:

Customers in 2021 aren’t limited to “cash or cheque” as in days gone by. Your end user could have any one of a dozen preferred payment option, and your business needs to adapt accordingly. ODS allows you to accept cash, bank cards, gift vouchers and cards in a single transaction, as well as mobile cash management for bank drops or cash reconciliations per cashier, driver or shift.


  1. Reporting:

You can’t truly know your business if you can’t understand its performance behind the scenes, which is why our reporting module allows you to easily track your business KPI’s. Better yet, the customisable dashboards enable end users to understand their customer purchase behaviour, in doing so creating the opportunity to pinpoint trends, patterns and the like.

Streamlining your organisational processes further allows you to enjoy a real-time overview of all your company fundamentals in one easy-to-access location. Whether sales locations, stores or warehouses both locally and overseas, you can monitor everything from overdue invoices to monthly sales, orders and amounts for collection.

Manage routes. Process orders. Manage staff shifts. Reconcile your cash. Plan your routes. Do it online, do it offline – the possibilities are endless. Your business can’t afford to negate its most important component, and by investing in Mobilise ODS, you can ensure your automated operations from top-to-bottom run like an organisational dream. 

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