Braintree announces partnership with UK-based QBS

The partnership provides Braintree with a compelling avenue to access QBS’s partner base in the UK and Western Europe

The move provides the Vox division with access to hundreds of Microsoft partners in the UK and Western Europe


JOHANNESBURG - Vox consulting and integration division Braintree, which is the largest Microsoft Dynamics company in Africa with more than 25 years experience, has announced its partnership with UK-based QBS Group, which is the largest and fastest-growing international network of Microsoft Dynamics partners.

The partnership provides Braintree with a compelling avenue to access QBS’s partner base in the UK and Western Europe. Braintree is able to consult with this network at highly competitive rates compared to the standard in these markets because of the favourable exchange rate. Beyond this, the South African company has developed a software stack across platforms that have already garnered interest across borders.

“The partnership with QBS was the next logical step in our growth and evolution as a business,” says Neville Levinthal, Head of Sales and Marketing at Braintree. “We were strategically looking at international expansion and went through an extensive process of identifying markets and potential partners. With QBS, we get access to 300-400 partners who are well-placed to work with an English-speaking consultancy such as ourselves.”

Levinthal says that during the hard lockdowns, Braintree invested in developing a broad software stack that it believed would be in high demand as the world emerged from the pandemic into the new normal. This new software range, he says, has enabled it to have a strong market differentiator.

“We utilised downtime forced by the pandemic to develop specific software on the Dynamics, Power Apps and Azure platforms. Our objective at the time was to develop products that would be in demand in the new normal, such as supporting e-commerce and unified communications and, based on the interest we’ve received at this early stage, it was the right move as it provides us with a compelling opportunity to provide the new network of partners with increased functionality,” he says.

We have entered the U.K market with our ecommerce solution called Storefront, designed to be cost-effective and seamlessly deployable – it offers all the above and more. Not only will you have access to your own domain as well as pre-defined design templates to choose from, Storefront is a low cost of ownership e-commerce platform, derived from our continuous investment with Dynamics 365 Business Central to provide modern businesses with a solution that not only creates the opportunity to add a new channel to sales strategies, but it also becomes an extension of any organisations digital strategy thanks to built-in marketing capabilities.

As a business that has a primary focus of selling goods, it is important that we emphasise that online shopping isn’t limited by geography. An online store opens your customer base up globally, allowing you to reach customers all over the world with a single address. Not only will you increase your reach, but you’ll be able to make your products available for purchase 24/7.

Regarding the greater openness and willingness of partners to work across geographies as opposed to, perhaps, before the pandemic, Levinthal says Braintree’s South African heritage stands it in good stead. “We have a very strong South African work ethic and this is respected the world over. If we consider the growing resource shortage in the Dynamics space and an exchange rate that makes us highly competitive, there is great potential for us to scale significantly with the QBS partnership.”