Introducing Braintree Home

But, you ask, what can you expect from Braintree Home?

Since its inception, our team at Braintree have strived for value-added, innovative solutions which make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve. To date, however, those we’ve served have been exclusively businesses and individuals within an economic space.

Until now, our business model has involved operating solely as a B2B organisation. Admittedly, we excelled at this. We were able to propel countless businesses future-forward and formulate accelerated growth through technology. It got us thinking, though – why stop there? We’re not just in the business of knowing your business, but our holistic approach to the people we service is indicative of our core ideology – to utilise the power of tech and make a positive impact on lives across the board.

With this in mind, our team of dynamic, forward-thinking industry experts arrived at the next logical step in our accelerated process – taking the power and innovation that is Braintree and making it accessible on a consumer level – which in turn brings us to Braintree Home.

We’ve discussed in detail how we’re frontrunners for fast-forwarding into optimal, but our transition into the home space is an embodiment of our commitment to this belief. Our journey, however, is not without thought and careful consideration, and instead the result of an extensive research, deliberation, and a calculated process.

In 2020, we at Braintree began developing our own unique B2B Technological Solutions – the first two of which were Braintree Engage and Storefront. This process continued and, come 2021, we saw an acceleration into further solution development with the implementation of BC Xpress, CRM24, QuickStore, Teams Voice and Engage Patron. Each of these apps were created utilising our now signature amalgamation of innovation and ideation – and in turn paved the way for the transition we see today.

With the foundation laid, we then took time to introspect and redefine our corporate identity. This extensive process began within the final quarter of 2021 and has been fully implemented as of early 2022. Yes, we managed to simultaneously launch an entirely new CI AND E-Commerce website (no easy feat) within the space of a few months – further testament to our dexterity and ability to conquer all things digital.

Today, we’re transitioning from a purely B2B technology partner to a B2C online store which aims to service the lives, homes, and hearts of consumers across the board – after all, why should our amazing technological solutions be limited to businesses only?


But, you ask, what can you expect from Braintree Home?

Well, we’re not yet at the level where we can build fully digitised houses in the shape of a tree, but we intend to offer a wide array of solutions for simplicity, ease, convenience, entertainment, and education. No, we won’t just be offering gaming consoles with enhanced QOS and promise smoother gameplay, but rather a wide variety of home productivity and support products which will, hopefully, leave you questioning how you coped without them before. Better yet, we also intend on offering numerous hardware and training tools for kids and adults alike – transforming houses and homes into enhanced environments.

The world has gone increasingly digital, as evidenced by workplaces, banking, and anything connected to the Internet. We even have self-driving cars and restaurants that function without human staff – so why should your home, your most precious possession, be any exception?

In a world where everything is connected and designed with simplicity in mind, the place you spend the most time in should enjoy similar benefits. Enter Braintree, which aims to redefine simplicity by adding innovation, in doing so transforming the way we think, interact and, ultimately, live.


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