Braintree Home & Sony PlayStation

The Sony PlayStation is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of gaming.

Much like the name, Braintree is synonymous with innovation, ingenuity and the pinnacle of industry leading technological solutions, the Sony PlayStation is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of gaming.

Our journey draws parallels with that of the console – a rich history steeped in pioneering tech advancements to firmly cement ourselves as trailblazers. True, we’re Masters of Microsoft, and as such have a strong and steady relationship with the brand, but such is our commitment to offering holistic, best-in-class solutions that we’d be amiss to not offer the full, comprehensive range of devices to our prospective audiences.

Braintree Home, our latest endeavour, aims to redefine our traditional, strictly B2B service offering and expand that to a larger audience. In doing so, we’re now able to bring the same levels of excellence to homes across South Africa as we have been doing with businesses for years. Let’s look at all the ways the integration of Sony Playstation can, we believe, add value to the lives and hearts of aspirant players across the board:

  1. With the introduction of Sony PlayStations, available for purchase via our Braintree Online Store, we’re able to provide gaming alternatives to our home audiences. There are a wealth of benefits to be gained from gaming both competitively and recreationally. In fact, it’s well documented that a healthy amount of downtime, particularly on console or PC related player experiences, lead to improved cognitive functions, enhanced social skills, better decision making and an overall sense of added relaxation.
  2. With this offering comes the following products for your perusal: PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Store Gift Cards, Call of Duty points and FIFA 21/22 Ultimate Team points.

What does this mean? Well…

  • PS Plus is a paid subscription service offered by PlayStation/Sony, which allows members to download TWO PS4/PS5 games each month. It also allows full access to online multiplayer gaming, exclusive discounts from the PS Store, 100GB of Cloud Storage for those game saves, as well as secret bonus content such as skins or in-game items for free-to-play titles.
  • The PlayStation Store gift card is essentially the gaming equivalent of a Sandton City Voucher – these codes, redeemable for cash bundles which can be used to purchase various items, can either be used by the player themselves or gifted to an acquaintance to be spent as they so desire.
  • Call of Duty, one of the world’s leading RPG titles (6 million active players within 24 hours of each game release, and a further 100 million downloads after a year), offers various in-game reward mechanics which work on a point system. By purchasing these points with us, players will have access to a wealth of unlockables or items designed to enhance their overall gaming experience.
  • Lastly, FIFA Ultimate Team, the E-sports phenomenon that’s swept the globe and redefined the way we play the game. Similar to Call of Duty (it is an EA title, after all), points are an invaluable currency in the game world, which can save a user hours of grinding and propel their team to new dimensions. Ask any player and they’ll testify – in the FIFA World, Ultimate Team points are king.

Aside from this, our ability to access consoles and titles serve only to turn any ordinary household downtime into a fun, interactive and escapist experience. Gaming has grown from strength to strength in recent years, and anyone with a sense of fun would be amiss to not give the PlayStation family a fair shot – you’ve got nothing to lose, after all.

And, as always, we at Braintree continue to seek ways to make business (and now home) living that much better. Which begs the question – does it get any better than a relaxing Sunday on the couch with your PS4/PS5, ready to conquer the world or dominate your friends? We think not… 

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