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It doesn’t get more Microsoft than the way the Xbox console combines innovation, design, creativity, and invention.

For the better part of two decades, we at Braintree have firmly entrenched ourselves in the minds, lives, and hearts of customers across the board. Not only have we cemented our reputation as Masters of Microsoft, but our range of solutions have enhanced the lives and livelihoods of both businesses and individuals throughout South Africa.

We’ve fast forwarded our brand to optimal to facilitate better productivity, learning and entertainment - both at work and at home. By offering smarter solutions and a seamless integration of technology and innovation, we are a trusted partner and product optimiser, focused on positively improving homes and businesses across the board.

You may be wondering what the next phase of our journey entails. Where can we improve? How can we continue to add value to those we serve while continuing to pioneer a revolution founded in innovation and technology? Well, we took a step back and considered how we can take the concept of home living and make it better. And, as masters of Microsoft, we concluded that it just makes sense to utlise the pinnacle of our pillar brands technology and introduce the Xbox to our array Home offerings.


Why Xbox, you ask?

The best reason we could give you? It just adds up. We pride ourselves in mastering all things Microsoft related – and it doesn’t get more Microsoft than the way the Xbox console combines innovation, design, creativity, and invention to turn ordinary experiences into extraordinary ones.

It’s well documented that Gaming presents a wealth of benefits. From improving cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and logic alike to enhancing your hand-eye-coordination, regular gamers can experience a wealth of physical, mental, and psychological benefits. Aside from that, it’s just great fun, as the aka 35% of the world’s population who are active players can testify. The narrative around the concept has long shifted from “useless pastime” to a fundamental learning, social and developmental tool in both kid’s and young adult lives alike – although grown ups can also benefit from the increased mental stimulation and sense of escapism presented to them. Gaming is, in a nutshell, a way to turn any boring afternoon or stressed evening after work into a life-changing experience. Whether emulating your favourite athlete or conquering foreign lands, foraging for food in the wild or watching your most beloved action heroes come to life, it’s little wonder that this $120 billion a year industry has made its way into the homes of casual and avid players worldwide.

This in turn brings us to the Xbox, which grants players a realistic experience within limitless virtual worlds capable of transporting players without having them leave their couch. Many Xbox games, with their next level graphics, smoother gameplay, and compatibility, are so innovative and realistic that they tend to blur the lines between fantasy and reality. The benefits of the console transcend the boundaries of merely being a console to play with. Gamers across the world can enjoy a wealth of benefits, including social settings, file sharing, cloud storage, reliability, music/video streaming and even basic Internet browsing – although let’s be honest, the Internet on your console is primarily for enjoying an even more vast, diverse, and interactive gaming experience.

Since its first launch in November 2001, the brand and product have grown from strength to strength, today forming a pinnacle of future-generation video gaming, designed to provide the utmost experience to new or old players. And, with the introduction of the Series S and X respectively, Microsoft appear to have doubled down on the success of the Game Pass – one of the biggest benefits of the brand’s transition to the next generation.

Simply put, the Xbox Game Pass is a service offered by Microsoft which gives the user access to hundreds (yes, hundreds) of games for a nominal monthly fee. Gone are the days of having to find the nearest store or exchange old titles for a new release, replaced instead by one platform with over 300 titles to download, play and enjoy respectively.

You can download the title of your choice and continue to enjoy it whenever, wherever, so long as you’re an Xbox Game Pass holder. Better yet, Microsoft continues to periodically add releases of their own, many of which align with their physical in-store launch dates. Aside from being able to pick and choose whichever game tickles your fancy (and having access to it as you like), you no longer need to fork out big amounts for something you’ll only play through once. Yup, Microsoft have entered the new century, essentially providing you with the Netflix of Gaming – except you can live the experience with Xbox.

So why not turn your downtime into playtime and enhance your home living with an interactive, fun, and frankly therapeutic escape into a world of possibilities. The pandemic has turned going out into a cause for concern, meaning we could all use another reason to stay indoors – and what more reason could you want than the freedom to do anything, anytime, with no social distancing or mask required?

Sounds like a winner to us.

Get your Xbox or Xbox Game Pass from our team at Braintree today. Simply check out this link to get your hands on an Xbox Series S + 3 months FREE access, or take a further look around our site (it’s new, and we’re pretty proud of it) to find a package which best suits you.

Until then, get clicking and, we hope, get gaming with Braintree, Microsoft, and Xbox. 

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