What’s stopping your business from embracing Dynamics 365 in the cloud?

With Microsoft experts like Braintree ready and waiting to guide you on your hosted Microsoft D365 journey.

We live in a world where anything can and will happen – where the ‘what ifs’ suddenly become the ‘what nows’.

If anything, this should be enough to inspire most businesses to adopt the most agile, future-fit methods for navigating the unknown possible. Yet, for some, the pull to hang onto legacy systems and cumbersome on-premises hardware is still just too strong.

Clearly, the cloud is the way forward. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean every cloud migration journey is seamless or even a success. There’s a lot to take into consideration before embarking on a cloud adoption strategy – the top three are cost, complexity and timing.

That said, the risks are worth the reward… Especially if you’re already using Dynamics 365, which breaks down the barriers between ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to give businesses a holistic view of company operations at all times.

With D365 in the cloud, it’s all of that and so much more.


Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Adopting a cloud strategy is definitely an investment, but it’s one that comes with far fewer hidden recuring costs than continuing to host your data on-site. For starters, with on-premises hosting, you’ll need to factor in customisation, implementation, and training as well as regular hardware, maintenance and upgrade costs and IT staff to keep it all running smoothly.

By moving to the cloud, you’ll literally cut those bills in half to focus on subscription fees, customisation, implementation, and training instead.

Migrating to the cloud isn’t as simple as flipping a switch, but with Braintree, there are solutions in place to help tailor every company’s cloud migration journey to suit their needs. For D365, Microsoft has created the Microsoft Dynamics Migration Programme to further ease the transition.

As the largest Microsoft Dynamics company in Africa, Braintree are expertly equipped to guide and manage your D365 journey by pinpointing the benefits specific to your business, identifying achievable goals, and optimising the migration journey as a whole to not only limit costs, but any potential downtime too.


Enjoy Enhanced Efficiency

Moving to the cloud makes it easier to scale up or down as needed without having to worry about wasted expenses on hardware in the long-term.

The cloud is far more innovative than on-premises can ever hope to be and the gap between the two options is just going to get bigger as it becomes more expensive to update and maintain legacy solutions before obsolescence sets in. Microsoft will continue to prioritise the cloud when it comes to supplying software updates because it’s the most efficient, innovative, and valuable solution for customers overall. This is because the cloud allows users to enjoy access to greater functionality for Microsoft applications overall. You’ll be able to integrate more products that work better together, leveraging your D365 data with the Microsoft product portfolio, including productivity apps like Office 365, Teams and SharePoint, has to offer and more.

Cloud intelligence, like predictive analytics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will also allow you to analyse your data fully to make the most informed decisions possible.

With your data hosted off-site, you’ll also be free from having to worry about the physical space and maintenance involved in hosting a data centre, but the safety and security of your data too.

Cloud hosting is also essential for the growing hybrid work movement, as it enables employees to connect with their company and system regardless of location or time zone.

With Microsoft experts like Braintree ready and waiting to guide you on your hosted Microsoft D365 journey, you can start optimising for the future of your business today.

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